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Why should you work at Weazel News?

There are plenty of businesses in the city attempting to utilize your skills. Gun stores are begging people to go scanning and mining, emergency services are searching for candidates, phone stores are tasking people with diving, some mechanic shops are having trouble keeping active tow truck drivers, burger shot pays hunters well, illegal crime rings are accepting members, clubs are looking for security guards and strippers, and record labels are scanning the public for talent. There is a wide selection of fair-paying jobs available to the public. What sets Weazel News apart?

The biggest difference about working for Weazel News is that our employees are content creators who pave their own paths. When they become an employee at our company, they are tasked with building a name for themself by creating content about whatever interests them. They create content about the things that excite them, not what the office big wigs tell them to create. In this sort of environment, our employees get to make Weazel News their own. It’s about finding your passion and writing about it, shooting and editing videos about it, reporting on it, or interviewing people about it. You get to make the position that you want. You decide the kind of work that you want to do.

Another great thing about working for Weazel News is the pay. Your pay is dependent on two things: (1) the amount of work you complete, and (2) how long you’ve been working for Weazel News. Your pay isn’t based on time or revenue, it is based on your work ethic. Each type of work you complete has a corresponding pay. That corresponding pay increases as our employees stay with the company longer too.

Weazel News also offers significant benefits. Our employees all have full medical benefits. Whenever our employees may get injured on the job, we cover their medical expenses in full. Weazel News also offers reimbursement for a list of work-related expenses. For example, if you go to a fine-dining restaurant and take a ride on a helicopter during an interview, Weazel News covers the expenses. Additionally, all Weazel News employees are granted access to DuPont Rental Services free of charge. This includes rental vehicles, chauffeuring, and test drives. Weazel News also offers paid time off and a lenient leave-of-absence system.

Should you work for Weazel News? Only if you want to. The deal is sweet because we are a team of people who lend serious effort to their work. As mentioned before, the work requirements are not strenuous, but our quality standards are. If you are interested in joining the team, you can fill out an application here. If you have any questions, text or call me at 073-1169.