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Why Does The Widebody Subaru Get So Much Hate?


The 2021 widebody Subaru WRX STI is a vehicle many people have an odd relationship with. It has an out-of-proportion body that causes some people to overlook the respectable handling and considerably great high speeds. There are certainly some serious upsides and downsides with this car, though.

The History

To begin, we’re going to go over some history of the WRX. When this car first came out, people were pushing this four-cylinder to speeds around 250 MPH. There was almost always a widebody WRX running from the police force on any given night. At this time, everyone still complained about the lacking physical attraction of the vehicle. People still kept the car around, though. The crazy speeds that the car was reaching were well worth it.

Like many of the previous ungodly performance machines of the city, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emergency recalled every widebody Subaru WRX STI. The EPA remotely tapped into Subaru ECU’s across the city and altered the emissions tunes of the cars city-wide. Although the Subaru still produces decent speeds, the days of passing 250 MPH on a regular basis are no longer possible.


The WRX produces some surprising top speeds that can outrun any of the four-door vehicles I’ve reviewed thus far. The handling isn’t god-like, but it’s nothing to scoff at. For most people to consider purchasing this car, the overall performance has to be as good as it is. 


The widebody Subaru is not the cheapest car around, but it’s not the worst deal I have reviewed yet. I imagine that the $40,000,000 price tag contributes to the hate the car receives. For that price, I would expect the performance that the WRX outputs plus a better-looking vehicle overall. The price just seems far too high for a vehicle that arguably cannot be classified as a sports car. A downside about the widebody kit is that it blocks the rear doors from opening. This four-door car only operates as a two-door car. Nobody can sit in the rear, which further decreases the potential value of the vehicle, in my opinion.

I’ve heard many people explain how the lackluster appearance and body proportions have caused them to sell away these cars for low prices. I have even heard about multiple people selling these cars back to PDM simply because of the appearance. In the image below, you can see a dashing middle-aged man of average height standing next to the almost-SUV-sized car.


Why does the widebody Subaru get so much hate? I don’t think it has anything to do with the performance. While the car’s overall performance did see a decrease in the past, it is still enough to justify the price. The biggest issue is the price, especially considering that the car also only holds two people.