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When Officers Offend

Its the duty of the boys in blue (or black) to enforce the laws but most importantly, to protect and serve. They are trained to aid and assist and deescalate situations. I am someone who totally believe in our service men and women. I have seen first hand how dangerous it is to be a police officer. It is very near and dear to my heart: My two brothers are cops. I have been the victim of evil crimes because of being associated with my two police brothers. I know damn well the sacrifice they make everyday. However there is a saying: all it takes is one. What does that mean? It means all it takes is for one slip, one bad decision etc, to ruin a moment. This is exactly what happened to me today.

This afternoon, me and two friends decided to take a lovely evening at the yacht off the pier. We enjoyed ourselves, and once my son flew in, I decided to join him instead. About 10 mins later, we collided with Sr Officer David Art. He was thrown from his motorcycle. (apparently there was a police chase in Mirror Park and he didn’t see us). We called 911 immediately and then my son starts CPR. We chose to stay and help him until EMTs arrived. I was still in my bikini. We had no time to change clothes, which was our intention. My son and I stayed at the hospital. Once we realized Officer Art was stable, we leave out and seen Assistant Chief Phillip Smith come inside Pill Box. In passing he spoke the words “What are you wearing? You need to put on some clothes, this is not a strip club.” I must be honest, I lost it! I used profanity, more than I have before. He didn’t stop to ask WHY I was dressed that way, he didn’t ask if I needed assistance. I am very much offended because of the lack of professionalism displayed. Also, what was he assuming? So after calming down, I changed clothes, and asked to speak to him in person. ( I sent out a 311, asked residents at Legion and spoke to officers patrolling. I finally found and officer that assisted me). After sitting for about 15 mins, Officer Smith came up, went into the Captains office and guess what: FLEW OUT. You read that right. Instead of resolving the issue, he decided that talking to me wasn’t important.

This is not acceptable behavior for any officer of the law. This is why there is distrust among civilians and police. There must be a balance and it starts at the head down. I hope this article stands as a voice to say that law enforcement is not above the law, and not above being professional.