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Well Known Business Man Helps New Residents Get Acquainted

A local business man affectionately named PopPop, has never forgotten what if felt like several years ago when he first arrived in the city. He remembered the struggle to maneuver this extensive place. He had few resources, and even fewer friends, nonetheless he eventually learned his way, made it to the top, and has made one of his missions to help new residents find their own way. With all truth and sincerity, I can say that I know about his generosity first hand: because he helped me.

I recently received a phone call from PopPop wanting me to meet and help guide a new resident. He told me that this would be an opportunity to not only pay it forward but to bring awareness that new people move to the city constantly and need help finding their way. He introduced me to Emily, who had recently relocated from Las Vegas to create a better life. She told me her future was bright here and her possible plans were to become a NYPD cadet.

After our brief meeting and conversation, PopPop left doing what he does best, helping. He was accompanied by his nephew James who then proceeded to get Emily acquainted with her new surroundings. This has led me to have some interesting thoughts. What if a council could be created to help all new residents that come to both small and large cities get organized and situated? Someone one who can meet the new residents, show them the most important aspects and get them started? So I pose those questions to you, the readers and contact me with your suggestions. By the way, PopPop, thank you.