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Vehicle Theft Lead to Shootout!

After hearing about the shootout, I was about half a mile out in my personal vehicle, when I instantly, rushed over to try and get to the reports as soon as possible. After arriving where the reports were made I saw this dude lying on the floor. I did not receive his name, but he was transported to the hospital, and was later arrested from what I have heard.

FDNY Taking away the suspect that had been shot

After arriving on scene of this incident, I saw 3 men wearing blue clothing, like the Auction Company that sells cars wear. I started to approach the scene and ask for further questions from the Car Auction people but they had no comment on the situation, and insisted on not being on camera below is the interview, that I got with Officer DeMarco on the incident. That occurred in Manhattan late last night.

NYPD Officer DeMarco Commenting on the incident

We appreciate the cooperation with the NYPD for commenting on the incident, and being polite with all us during this scene. Thank you to all officers/detectives involved in this scene.