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Vanilla Unicorn’s Potential New Path

The Vanilla Unicorn is a local gentlemen’s club that has remained unowned by any particular person. We’ve taken the opportunity to interview one of the potential owners. EmityK Bonaparte has been working for months trying to prove her worth as an owner, even going as far as having a petition set up for members of the community to sign to show support.

Her main goal with the Vanilla Unicorn is to bring something to the city that everyone can enjoy and feel welcome to come and socialize. Her hope is that everyone will be brought together through Vanilla Unicorn events.

Enmity’s plan is that the Vanilla Unicorn will be open every single weekend, with at least one event each week. Another goal is to have events every Thursday called “Thirsty Thursday.”

The Vanilla Unicorn will have some more exclusive features than other clubs. They publicly advertise private dances, but there is also a back room for the purpose of “Cuddle Sessions”.

For the first few events and openings, the entry fee will be free, but later on, She is looking at a $15,000 entry fee. Upon entry, their security will be doing mandated searches to ensure the safety and well-being of all attendees. 

So be ready for some clubbing and make sure to give a big thank you to Ms. EmityK Bonaparte! Don’t forget to show support tonight by showing up at the event she has planned.