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UFO Sightings in NYC

On October 27, 2001, there were multiple sightings of a UFO in New York City. The first sighting originated in Legion Square, and then it was spotted in Sandy. After speaking with troopers who identified themselves as Trooper Ricky Bobby and Trooper Bill Duncan, informed our Weazel News staff that Trooper Morgan was abducted. The troopers also stated that “for family purposes, his full name cannot be released,” but it was later stated that the abducted was possibly Trooper Lee Morgan.

At one point, the troopers attempted to fire automatic weapons at the UFO, possibly in an attempt to bring it down. However, after several rounds were fired, one of the troopers stated that the aircraft may be friendly and to cease fire.

Citizens of New York City are on edge. What happened to Trooper Morgan? Was he abducted by the UFO? Will the UFO be back? Without a definitive answer, it does raise the question, are we alone?

If anybody has any more information or stories of their own encounters with this UFO, please contact our Weazel News staff.