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Two Saints Members Dead

Two men were found unresponsive outside of Bahama Mamas Nightclub on Friday, October 1, when police responded to a call regarding shots fired. The men were transported to the hospital, where they were pronounced dead. They were identified as Sergio Bonaparte and Vinny Vanetti, both known as being the lead members of the local Saints family. Evidence indicates that the men shot each other during an argument, resulting in each of their deaths.

A majority of the remaining members of the Saints followed the ambulance to the morgue where they said their final goodbyes to the young men. The morgue was heavy with emotion as everyone shared their memories and last words. Afterwards, the bodies were cremated and the ashes were given to their loved ones.

Vinny Vanetti (Left) & Sergio Bonaparte (Right)

Sergio Bonaparte is survived by his parents Beau and Rory Bonaparte.

Vinny Vanetti was also in the process of being adopted by the same parents and is survived by his girlfriend, Novah Frost.

They are both also survived by numerous friends and family as well as the remaining Saints members. There is talk of a possible memorial service to take place at a later date.