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Tusami escapes the dark side of the Force

A first day at a new chapter of led feels the reality check, firsthand.

In a dramatic turn of events, former Chief of Police, Donald Tusami was attacked whilst working at his new job at Weazel News. In a dramatic dispute leading to the loss of his recently acquired news van. Donald Tusami and Xiang Hillcrest were attacked by two aggressors causing damage to a fabled Weazel News camera and several injuries to Tusami and Hillcrest. Later in the day, one of the maniacs hijacked the news van itself, causing these two newsmen to be stranded in the vast city of New York.

Tusami decided to do the right thing and call the police. To let NYPD’s finest jump in and rescue sweet Doris, our beloved News Van and to catch the criminals terrorising our local team of reporters. What did Tusami not suspect was that the officers were not just there to receive a standard stolen vehicle report but also, to pounce on him with the NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit.

The NYPD’s Emergency Service Team is deployed only in manners of high danger, high pressure situations.

As Tusami welcomed his former colleagues, something was off. Their lights were own, they were approaching with large assault rifles and they weren’t saying their greetings. Officer Kimball led the team and commented that “We’re here to execute Order 66” which led to many chuckles shortly cut off by the statement every civilian dreads to hear.
“We actually do have a warrant for your arrest”. His face froze and his confusion skyrocketed as to what became of his role as the victim in the situation capitulated ever lower. Donny was taken away from his colleagues and associates, leaving his co-worker stranded and confused as to whether the truth needs to be told.

Donald Tusami was released half an hour later with the charges for assault dropped shortly after. According to sources within the NYPD in relation to the arrest. It is believed to be due to improper police work by the issuing officer who displayed incompetence in carrying out their duties as a peace officer. Officer Daryl Ward, the arresting officer who handled the investigation is now believed to be under review by Internal Affairs of the New York Police Department.

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