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Toxic Masculinity Or Toxic Sensitivity

I am writing this piece about toxic masculinity. I want to start by addressing what toxic masculinity really looks like and is. Examples of this are power cravings. A lot of men in the city like to prove their dominance to any and everybody. They do this by using gun violence, name-calling, and disrespect. A lot of the time, men in the city do these things because they want to be respected, but they end up going about it in all the wrong ways. I feel if the whole city came together we could really crackdown on these issues and overall improve the issue. Ways we could do this is by using our words in the correct way. Being kind and considerate of others. As a result of cracking down on this issue, we could decrease gun violence in the city and make it a safer place to live. And, we can all feel overall respected by one another. By fixing these main issues, we can find the sensitive sides of people and build stronger and healthier relationships with people.