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The Ubermacht Cypher


The Ubermacht Cypher is a street racing machine in all aspects. The impressive support for aftermarket cosmetic customization will have your Cypher looking different from any other vehicle on the road while controllably taking corners, blasting through back roads, and hitting respectable top speeds.


The Cypher puts respectable numbers down in terms of tuned and untuned top speeds but fails to impress in the acceleration category compared to some other cars that are significantly more affordable. What makes the Cypher performance desirable is the entire package. The sharp and predictable handling, paired with decent acceleration and impressive top speed, is what makes it desirable for street racing. Running the Cypher around the city, over bumps and humps, across medians of short grass and stretches of asphalt, and zig-zagging through traffic is when the Cypher is able to shine.


In my opinion, the Ubermacht Cypher is overpriced. It is a nice car, but I wouldn’t say that it’s worth $55,000,000. If you can find one on the used market for around $35,000,000, then maybe it’s worth pulling the trigger on it if you enjoy the test drive. I would say that price is a little more reasonable, considering the lack of acceleration.


During a conversation with Jake Stark, who is a fellow journalist at Weazel News, Stark captured the essence of the Ubermacht Cypher when he said, “the style of the car and the way it handles is just simply amazing [it] may not be the fastest car in the city, but it definitely has style, customization options from the factory, and it handles like a dream […] it is basically a race car while still being a street car.”