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The New UWU Café

On November 15, 2021, New York introduced a new breathtaking establishment, “UWU Café,” located right across the street from the Weazel News studio. I took the time to get an in-depth view of the café and even got a tour from the owner, Riley Minx. I sat down with Riley to get more details and a better understanding of her reasoning to open this café, along with some words of advice she would like to share with potential business owners.

Minx explained to me that she hopes to accomplish something new with this. She wants to open up a place where she can get people off of the streets and the excessive amount of murders in the city to come to an end. She feels that with the shop, she can achieve that with a calming, social place for people to meet one another, eat good & unique foods, and a safe place for people to socialize instead of getting involved in the constant war that goes on in New York. I also asked Riley how long it took for her to officially open up the café, she stated it took her quite some time. Over the last couple of weeks, she has been getting things together such as menu and theme.

She feels like she was in the right place at the right time. She saw this café and it was perfect for her. It was exactly what she wanted.

Here at UWU Café, Riley has a selection of items to choose from, but she hopes to expand her menu in the future, She is mostly sticking to the cat theme for certain items and within her business to match the aesthetic of the place: Japanese food, maid workers, very cute, and “sexy” desserts like ice cream, cake, cookies, all those delicious sweets!

Just before we wrapped up our interview, Minx had a few words of advice for anyone who is interested in owning a business: “Do it.. don’t worry about permits, don’t worry about whose name is on the building, just do it. Apologize later.”

Riley will be hosting a hiring party on November 15 at 10 pm EST. For anyone who would be interested in working alongside Riley in this wonderful business, make sure to stop by! Weazel News wishes Riley Minx’s new business the best and all the success!

Edited by Fimi B. & Rory Bonaparte