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The Maybach S650


Maybach is regarded as one of the most prestigious automotive companies in the world. The Maybach S650 is a serious VIP hauler, capable chauffeuring vehicle, and head-turner. The S650 drives on smooth and absorbent suspension. The 6.0-liter V12 engine pushes 5,300 pounds of luxury through the streets of New York with some difficulty. Regardless of some performance downfalls, the Maybach offers a unique driving experience and decent rear-wheel sliding ability.

Mercedes-Maybach S650

Just when it seemed like the Maybach S650 had reached the principle of full-size sedan luxury, The Maybach S650 Limousine, also known as the Pullman, was unveiled. The limousine is fitted with a Mansory body kit, an extremely stretched body, and two extra seats in the back. The V12 engine has been pepped-up from the shorter Maybach to help move all that extra weight. The Mansory is specially used by DuPont Rentals to chauffeur VIP clients to and from private jets, hypercars, and mansions.

Mercedes-Maybach Mansory Pullman


Surprisingly, the limousine version of the Maybach S650 takes the lead in acceleration between the two vehicles. This pattern is true in both not-tuned and tuned comparisons. It must be that the Mansory upgrades granted to the limousine’s drivetrain are extremely effective. The Mansory Pullman also takes the lead over the regular Maybach S650 in top speed as well.