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The Pfister Comet S2


The Pfister Comet S2 is a seriously underrated sports car. It features immense customization options and surprising performance. This is certainly the car for you if you are a bored person with $65,000,000 burning a hole in your pocket.

This article was supposed to only be about the Comet S2, but I couldn’t help but think about the other great options that Pfister offers. I kept pushing myself to discover how the Comet S2 compares to the insanely cheap baseline Comet. Furthermore, I almost glossed over the Comet Custom, which is just a scary car to drive. This article really goes to show you that price barely matters. If you know where to look, you can find solid performers in almost any price range. Nevertheless, the Pfister Comet S2 is an underrated vehicle that deserves some attention.

Comet S2

The Pfister Comet S2 has some performance metrics that are nothing to scoff at. The S2 achieves quarter-mile times that top our current charts, reaches about 200 MPH with a tune, and has decent 0-60 and 0-100 times. All of this performance is great, but the Comet S2’s most attractive features can be found at Los Santos Customs. There are plenty of cars that go fast, but few are as customizable as the Comet S2. I have personally spent hours designing and redesigning different versions of the Comet S2. Virtually every aspect of the S2’s interior and exterior appearance can be altered. There are tons of exhaust options, a roof box can be added, and the rear bumper can be halfway or fully removed to uncover a complex turbo-exhaust setup.

Baseline Comet

The base model Comet is one of the best deals in PDM that can be found. I have spoken to many people who have recently moved into the city and pointed them in the direction of the Comet. The base Comet is labeled “Comet 2” in the sports section at PDM. Even though it’s only listed for $95,000, it puts down some very competitive numbers. The base Comet even has some cool widebody customization options that make room for super-wide wheels and drag radials.

Comet Custom

This car has two different personalities. Its untuned personality starts off surprisingly aggressive, quick, difficult to control through turns, and seriously fast. At 185 MPH, the Comet Custom puts down some of the highest untuned, downhill speeds we have seen. The Comet Custom has more customization opportunities than the baseline Comet, but not nearly as many options as the Comet S2.

Once tuned, the Comet Custom turns into a widow-maker. After spinning the tires at the beginning of first gear, the Comet Custom quickly hits redline and scoots through all of the following gears. With each shift, and throughout the RPM range, the Comet rockets to the highest speeds we have recorded. For only $5,000,000, this car must be the best-valued vehicle I have ever driven. Honestly, I dare to say it packs too much value. The biggest downside with the Comet Custom is with controllability. This car can easily get out of hand, and can only take a solid fender bender or two before becoming completely disabled.

Performance Comparison

The base Comet comes far too close to the performance levels of the Comet S2 for having such a significant price difference. You can experience performance in the base Comet that rivals that of the S2. The Comet S2 is better in almost every single category compared to the base Comet, but loses by extremely small margins in three categories. Still, the insane price gap isn’t justifiable on paper. You should mainly be buying the Comet S2 for its rarity, unique looks, and never-ending aesthetic options. The Comet S2 has between 20 or 30 MPH more to spare on the top end when tuned versus the base Comet, but is that really worth all the extra money? If you are looking to go fast, the Comet S2 still isn’t the best answer. The Comet Custom will quench your speed withdrawals.