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The Brooklyn Drift Scene – Three Great Spots To Get Your Drift On

First up is Mirror park. Go at night. Traffic will be low and you get a great view of Downtown and the hills. You may or may not run into Cops; they usually have better things to do. Come here after you can handle your car well because the tight turns and fast straights are at best a medium to skilled driver-styled area. Narrow roads, obstacles, and pedestrian traffic are the main reason you need to be able to handle your machine. There is a mechanic shop in this area for help and immediate repairs.

Next up is The Docks. As you can see there are endless lines and switch-ups at the docs, medium traffic, and not a lot of pedestrians. The Docks are an excellent place to hone your skills. Also in this area, in map grid 18 is an underground drift race which is a very nice spot to practice your slidey skills.

Third, we have the main airport. The airport has no traffic behind the terminal and wide-open spaces to get some great lines going super fast. It’s a great area for any skill level of drifter. After breaking your car there are several nice beach areas to relax at while waiting on a tow.