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The Best Valued AMG Duo


There are plenty of Mercedes-AMG vehicles available for purchase in the city. The C32, G63 6×6, Brabus D35, GLE53, SLS, Vision GT, and CLK GTR can all be found at Premium Deluxe Motorsports. Two of these vehicles are some of the best-performing vehicles in their price range and class. In this article, we will specifically be focusing on the GT63s and C63s. We will explain why these two vehicles have been staples in the city’s car community for years now.

The C63s

The C63s is a spin-the-tires road rocket, especially with a decent tune. There is not a doubt in my mind that this vehicle is one of the most entertaining vehicles to drive to date. The powerful twin-turbo V8 is tucked under a sleek, wide, and eye-drawing veil of a body. The sleek design of the C63s is almost deceiving. If you had never driven the C63s, it would be easy to underestimate it. The vehicle offers tons of valuable driving fun for $10,000,000.

The GT63s

The GT63s is most likely the best four door vehicle in its price range. You can have one of the hardest accelerating, best handling, and respectable speeding vehicles in its category for $7,500,000. Again, AMG utilizes the twin-turbo V8 but also uses an electric motor. This dual-motor setup is tucked under a longer, more serious, and slightly more elegant body. Consider that other similar-performing vehicles cost more than double or more. Another big thinking point is found in the handling department. The GT63s features much more predictable handling, but that comes with a less driver-entertaining character than the C63s.

Performance Comparison

The GT63s is a much better vehicle than the C63s on a metric-for-metric basis if you don’t have a tuner chip. Without tunes involved, the GT63s exceeds the C63s in every way other than flat speed, which it only loses by 2 MPH. The GT63s keeps the lead in 0-60 and 0-100 times when tunes become an option but loses the lead everywhere else. The C63s responded tremendously well to the tuner chip.