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Strike Force Future – New York Police Department

Today Weazel News reporter Terious Washington interviewed Lt. David Art and Ofc. Mike Zavala both part of the Strike Force Future named after the infamous song “Mask Off – Future”. They were questioned on what the strike force was made for and what their criteria was which they responded saying “Strike Force Future focuses on civilians who are concealing their identity in public areas such as parks, hospitals, garages and any other goverment owned properties. There are 3 offences that can be commited which they are trying to put at an all time stop which are wearing maks, wearing body armor and open carrying.” They have developed a strike system which they use to enforce these laws which concides fairly to anyone violating these laws. The strike system works off a 4 strike basis, Strike 1 – Warning | Strike 2 – Citation | Strike 3 – Citation | Strike 4 – Arrest , Ofc. Mike Zavala also pleads that anyone contacted by Strike Force Future members to not flee as it just worsens the situation they are dealing with. Lt. David Art also informed news reporter Mr. Washington that almost 43% of all mask crimes have decreased since the operation had started and that they are working to get this number higher and higher day by day. Once asked if they had any final messages for the civilians of New York City Lt. David Art advised that anyone who witnesses any of these crimes being commited to put a /311 call in and if there’s anyone out there who contemplates leaving their house with a mask, body armor or holster on to reconsider their decisions and be more welcoming to others such as kids and elderly by not intentionally being intimidating wearings masks.