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State Trooper or Para-Military?

This piece is about State Troopers mostly, but a few NYPD officers also tie into the issue.

I will start by recounting from first-hand experience. A couple of days ago, I was in a pickle with the police. I was standing outside of a clothing store and an NYPD officer – out of nowhere – decided to stop by. There were cars that were parked outside the store. The officer decided that he was going to tow all the cars away just because they were “parked there for too long”. There was also a State Trooper (Trooper 2) who decided to be very unprofessional, saying things like I looked like a trash bag. That same trooper also struck me with his vehicle, claimed that it was my fault, and said I should not have been in the way. On top of that, another State Trooper (Trooper 46) assaulted me.

Now there was a woman, Vanessa Berlusconi, and her case with the Troopers was just heartbreaking. Ms. Berlusconi was filming a show to put the whole entire police force in a good light; To prove all those rude insults that you hear about PD wrong! Unfortunately, the way those troopers treated her was just a slap in the face for her to realize who those people actually are. The troopers treated Ms. Berlusconi with no respect and no professionalism. The troopers also placed a false warrant on her for “Impersonating an Officer”, even though a temporary badge was given to her to film her *Live PD* show. She was only trying to help put these officers in a good light, but they treated her with the most disrespect.

There are also numerous other cases of when State Troopers are known to be very aggressive towards the citizens of the city: unnecessary ramming of vehicles, shooting with very big guns and showing continuous disrespect to the citizens.

At the end of the day, I want this article to bring awareness to this issue because nothing will be done if nothing is said. The expectation of the NYPD officers is to create peace, not act like they are above the law. They are supposed to be the ones who we trust to protect us while we are asleep at night.

We need change, and we need it now. So to any officers that view this, please take all of this into consideration as to how you do your job. We need more sincere cops that will protect and serve, not para-military cops.

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