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Spider-Man or Vigilante?

Spider-Man Spotted: Photo Courtesy of K. Bliss

A local resident of New York sent in photos of what is believed to be Spider-Man. The report, sent in by a citizen identified as K. Bliss, states that he saw Spider-Man on top of Mount Zonah Medical Center. He then reports that Spider-Man swung from a web across the street and landed on top of the Courthouse. Unfortunately, he was unable to get any video evidence of the web-swinging due to “only having a Celltowa” phone. He did, however, send in a few photos of the supposed Spider-Man on top of the city buildings.

Is Spider-Man calling New York home, or is this an imposter looking to confuse the city? Because of the Celltowa phone quality, it’s hard to tell from the image if it really could be Spider-Man or another copycat in a red suit. Is this a superhero? A villain? Or maybe it’s just another vigilante, looking to take the law into his/her own hands. Are citizens safe or are they in more danger? The answers to these questions are yet to be determined. 

If you have more information or are able to provide additional photos or videos of “Spider-Man,” please contact us. All tips can be sent to Rory Bonaparte (701-2713).

All photo credits in this article belong to K. Bliss