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“Silk Milk” Exclusive Interview

The other day, I had a sit-down with Branaerys Blanco, creator of the new hit single “Silk Milk”. I tried to better understand what her intentions were about the song and how she may be one of the main reasons why New York was able to have a new studio built in Vinewood.

Branaerys stated that the song was influenced by an inside joke with her friend, Silky Lee, but eventually turned into her writing lyrics about it. She stated that she asked Silky how he felt about her making the song and if he would have no issue with her making a song about him. Silky was on board with the plan, and from there, Branaerys started to write what is now “Silk Milk”.

While speaking to Branaerys, she also told Weazel News that she has tried to start her record label in the past, but did not have much success. She stated that people were getting sick, going through hard times, and also mentioned off-cameras that it felt like she was doing all of the work. Branaerys declared that she was doing everything such as producing, managing, and even making the music herself. In the end, she just decided that at the moment in time, just was not the right time and waited for things to get better. Branaerys told us that once she felt like everything got better, she decided to become an artist and just write and produce her own music instead of trying to run a record label.

We asked Branaerys more questions and went in depth about the history of “Silk Milk”. Tune in below to watch the rest of the exclusive interview!