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Sanctum Cultists

After a previous article(s) and what has now been declared as a terrifying threat to all residents of New York City — The Sanctum Cult killers are at large and growing everyday. Please, stay inside and lock your doors. This group has been working for months, years, constantly increasing their following. I took my journalism to the next level and risked my life questioning those around the city and trying to uncover some clues.

The symbol of the Sanctum Cultists

I had the pleasure of speaking to Officer Tyler Kingley when he filled me in on the gruesome details of how he got kidnapped by what could have been the cultist leader. Officer Kingley had a stab wound carved into the lower left hand side of his back inscribing, ” TmOd ” (case sensitive).

Tyler had the following to say,

These people are homegrown terrorists and serial killers that can be a threat to the people of New York.

Their mission is unknown at this time as they have been known to kidnap officers and innocent civilians. These followers that seek whatever message this cult is outputting could be your neighbor or your own friend–be careful in times like these. If anyone has anymore information, please contact me. Stay safe NYC.