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Store Robbery/Pursuit Coverage – Manhattan

Frank Diveroli with the Weazel News team reported live to a convenience store robbery at the northern Senora Freeway convenience store with his team of Darnell BenTrappin Jones and Trigga Trey. They were greeted kindly and treated the news team very respectfully. We were able to go in the shop and get live footage of the robbery as we showed up before the police got there. Once we got all the footage and the two individuals got in their RS7, a highly valued escape vehicle in New York, they gave us this statement:

We do this all the time, this is like our 10th time doing this today. We always get away.

Unknown suspect

After making said statement, the cops arrived and chased the individuals down to the oil fields where a gunfight erupted and the robbers were apprehended. Officers on scene were severely shot and had to tend to their wounds to insure the safety of themselves and the suspects. They were transported down to Pillbox Medical and served a jail sentence.