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Robbery Gone Hectic!

On Monday afternoon, a group of approximately 6 men robbed Fleeca Bank located on the corner of Hawick Ave and Meteor St.

The situation started with the group of individuals kidnapping and holding a NYPD Officer hostage. Yes, they robbed the bank with a cop as their hostage! The group of individuals then fled after all of the negotiations, which led to a car chase that went around the city for quite some time. It ended with all the suspects running and fleeing into the FIB building. NYPD was stuck in a tricky position for an extended period of time. I arrived on the scene, at which time, I discovered that they had apprehended 1 of the suspects, a male that goes by the name of Mr. Pinnochio. Upon interviewing the suspect, he provided information that he took part in the robbery for the money. He claimed that he got “a lot of gold & silver bars, as well as some jewelry.” He also stated that the NYPD officers were very nice to him, even after all the distress he caused them.

Suddenly, all of the NYPD officers took off.

FIB Building from which the suspects parachuted in an attempt to escape.

Later on that afternoon, I interviewed an ESU officer to get more information about the situation. E-17 Pepe Martelli informed us that the reason all of the NYPD officers stormed off out of nowhere was that the rest of the suspects in the building had used parachutes to escape.

According to Mr. Martelli, the remaining suspects were apprehended and were sentenced. Justice served!

Let’s remember that despite all the other stuff that NYPD is really there when it’s needed, Thank you, NYPD!