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Protect & Serve or to Bully: That is the REAL Question

Below is a thought provoking article, written by guest written Mr Linus Linden, an outstanding citizen and new news reporter hopeful. I normally don’t cover opinion pieces, however this article, needs you, the viewer’s attention! Thank Mr. Linus Linden for sending this to me! What makes this piece so special is the footage I obtained while watching what is obvious harassment by CID. Once you read the article and watch the video, you will be able to answer the above question. (please note: this opinion piece written in different font to reflect Mr Linden’s work.)

In the early morning of July 9th, 2020, Former Chief of the NYPD Jimmy Lynch was relaxing with his close friends, including a one Joe Kerr and his close friend, Lead Investigator for Weazel News, Nycole Leng. While enjoying the morning on private property in Mirror Park, approximately 6 unmarked Police Tahoe’s rolled in force towards the property of Joe Kerr. The vehicles came to a stop, and from the vehicles, came the esteemed Criminal Investigation Division of the NYPD. Multiple detectives arrived at this gathering on private property, and while standing on the sidewalk, while on duty, began to harass and demean both Lynch and Kerr. Leng, witnessing this, proceeded to retrieve her camera, and begin recording the situation, albeit, already in progress. The video you’re about to witness is footage of this scene.

The main detective speaking is identified as Deputy Inspector Alex Wayland. From the footage, it shows that there was no real meaning for CID to arrive in 6 separate unmarked vehicles, it shows no crime being committed, it shows no tickets being written, it shows no verbal warnings. All it shows is CID using tactics, akin to that of a crime family, to intimidate a former member of the NYPD. Wayland, as shown in the footage, gloats about arresting Lynch while leaving, demonstrating a clear lack of professionalism on duty, but CID was not there to be professional, as stated before, they came to harass and intimidate the former Chief. Deputy Inspector Wayland also states reference to CNN and the “Fake News Network.” A dangerous claim that demeans and weakens the message of the free press. CID is meant to investigate criminals, not roll into a neighborhood in force to intimidate a former servant of the law, this is a blatant show of force for no other reason than to harass a member of the populace. Is there nothing else better to do? Could resources be spent elsewhere? Does CID require more funding? Are they not getting enough to actively investigate? Does CID require less? These questions can’t be answered because the details surrounding CID are so lock-tight, there is little transparency. My question to you, dear reader, is why? Why is there a lack of transparency surrounding CID? CID is beginning to dangerously straddle a line between an actual division of esteemed detectives and a form of Secret Police.