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PDM’s Car Dealer is Laundering Money as a scheme?

PDM’s front view

After visiting and buying some vehicles from PDM, I am almost positive they use it to launder counterfeit money or drugs through it. One vehicle I bought it was fine, a cheap little $6,000 dollar car. It was fine for a bout a week then there was rattling coming from the hood area. I took it back in for repairs. When I got it back it went so much faster as if it was lighter! This blew my mind but me being a reporter I didn’t say anything instead I did some digging and snooping around.

While I was digging around I saw three people pull up while I was doing so. They looked like they was up to nothing good, two of them stayed outside talking to me while one ran inside and did something real quick. They didn’t buy a car, it was to quick to look at a car. I think they are in business with the government to import drugs into the city! It makes perfect sense! The government helps them smuggle drugs into the city and have them sell them and then the government gets a cut of the money to help them and there needs.

PDM’s front desk

When I first went into the Premium Deluxe Motorsports Dealership I was not greeted by anyone, the front desk was empty and there was no dealer man inside. How are we suppose to buy a car if they are 1. No Employees. 2. No Car Dealers. 3. The Government owns this facility. Why own a car dealership… What does the government get from owning the dealership. Do they get the newest vehicles before everyone else? Do they really care about that? I will tell you what! I think they are just using it for there own pleasure to make billions of dollars, that no one ever uses. It just sits there in there BIG vault. It is insane!!!