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Opinion: Has Twitter become the worst source of news?

Social Media statistics prove that news posted by the public is typically biased and below college grade reading levels.

A recent study performed by the New York Statistics Authority found that 6/10 Twitter users posted stories about events that were shown to be of biased alignment as well as involving at least two spelling or grammar mistakes.

Professor Harold Merdáwn conducted a study in which 50 participants were shown a 30 second clip of a cat being chased by a dog with several other activities happening the background. 61% of participants were observed to be mentioning the dog chasing the cat, 26% were observed to mention at least one of the activities performed in the background whilst the remainder 13% had mentioned only the quality of the clip itself.

Prof. Merdáwn respectively linked this pattern to attention spans of the average social media user.

“It’s typically expected that on an international basis, we can expect to see a fairly low average when it comes to well written tweets as well as their accuracy to reporting events made known to the poster” says Doctor Alan Dartridge, Professor of Analytics at NYU.

So poses the question, can we really trust Twitter to keep us informed?