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NYSP Helps Criminal, Instead of Jail Time.

NYSP Trooper Frank Tentenny, Stopped Mr. Tyrone at the Motorcycle Dealership off of Strawberry Ave, and Adams Apple Blvd. He stopped a Bison Pick Up Truck at approximately, 11:20 PM. When he stopped this vehicle he asked for another officer, since the car was stolen.

NYPD/NYSP Stopping Mr. Tyrone

After talking with him for several minutes he preceding to stay calm and focused. While Mr. Tyrone continued to say his friend gave him the vehicle, and he was returning it even though the Trooper knew it was stolen, and it wasn’t his friends car. After this happened, the Trooper told Mr. Tyrone that telling the truth is the best way out of this situation and Mr. Tyrone finally started to come a little clean and told the officer he was money laundering. This is when he took Mr. Tyrone out of the car and the trooper arrested him.

Mr. Tyrone being arrested

The Trooper and Mr. Tyrone talked for awhile longer and Mr. Tyrone came clean with the officer. By this time The NYSP Trooper told the NYPD Officer that he could leave if he wanted. And this is when the NYPD trooper left.

After the NYPD Officer left, the Trooper continued with his findings, and decided since Mr. Tyrone was honest, and eventually came clean to him that instead of jail time it was just going to be a fine since Mr. Tyrone was new to the city. With this being said he only wrote him up for running a red light, which I believe he said was a $1,000 fine and the Trooper impounded the vehicle.

At the end of the story this is a story showing that officers are not only here to give people fines and arrest them. They have hearts and they care about people, good job to the NYSP for doing there job to Protect & Serve our community. Keep doing a good job we appreciate you!