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NYPD Involved in Hit and Run

On December 10, 2021, around 10:30 PM, two Weazel News reporters, myself, Rory Bonaparte, and Nyri Bonaparte, were spending time downtown. While parked at legion square, two officers in an SUV smashed into my legally parked car, forcing it onto the sidewalk, resulting in $995 worth of damages. I pulled out my Weazel News camera to record how the situation would be handled. Unfortunately, the police decided to remove themselves from the situation after seeing the news camera, therefore leaving the scene of an accident.

Several minutes later, two unnamed “Probationary Officers” parked their car in the alleyway next to the Legion Bank. They were dealing with a gentleman who was parked illegally, and we took the opportunity to ask them about the previous situation, as well as specifics of State Police. You can see evidence of the hit and run, as well as the discussion with the other two officers below.

You don’t want to know what State Police is. They have no jurisdiction. They can go anywhere they want and they can do whatever they want. Who’s going to stop them?

Quoted from the officers in the video.

Weazel News has been informed that SP is planning to sue WNN regarding a previous article, State Trooper or Para-Military?. SP claims that this article is “defamation” and wants it removed. More details to come regarding that as it unfolds.