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NYC: To Mayor or not to mayor?

After several months following a collapse in popularity for a possible election of New York’s Mayor to take place. Don Sterling has taken to the streets to answer the mysteries regarding the ghosted election.

In the midst of Winter Season, three candidates showed their faces in attempts to win the favor of the city assuming an election would take place.

Bob Cleghorn, an American standard candidate made bold claims as to the what he would do for New York. Several claims such as “building a wall around legion and making the lizards pay for it” and “adding a load of speed bumps to combat reckless drivers”.

Ling Mau, long time resident and renowned citizen of New York. No major claims were made by candidate Mau but general popularity followed him in the supposed election campaign.

Saint Death, an alleged vampire aged over several generations that wanted to destabilize the justice and law enforcement systems so that they could answer for their crimes against the city as well as increased blood banks throughout the city.

Despite three very independent plans in place, there was no major presence outside of social media from the candidates resulting in reduced popularity.

So at this time, we are posed with many questions left unanswered. Did the initiative of these three candidates bring about a potential election gone wrong?

Or simply put, did the destiny of a mayor become unsundered due to a lack of response to their push for candidacy?

The answer will soon come, stay tuned for further updates only on Weazel News