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NYC on the rise! Local Taco Salesman takes advantage of new opportunities

In a starting discover during the lunchtime runch that is NYC’s dreaded 12-1 window. We found ourselves struggling for a place that was selling a solid fast food at a moments notice. During our routine checkup at Pillbox, we noticed a particular taco van tactically parked across the road from the emergency bay. We took our chances and leaped over for our last resort for food on that dreaded Sunday afternoon.

We came across Jarret Wallace, local taco salesman and aspiring apprentice to Chef, former taco vendor legend. He has been for the last while, learning the ropes of taco sales, presentation and recipes to ensure his product is the best on the block.

Even in times of hardship, Mr Wallace finds it no issue to sell his business on the hustle

Mr Wallace claims that tacos is not just his sole product line. Mr T’s range extends to burgers, soda, and other fast food necessities. As the business improves, Wallace and Chef believe they can expand to a food delivery service in times of hardship.

You can find their Taco vendor typically parked across from Pillbox offering a good variety on their pricing as well.