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NASCAR UPDATE: Winner No. 20 Jayden Hall and more!

(Left to right:Terrence, Xander Caige, Jayden Hall, Joe Kerr)

With another race under the belt, it is Car No. 20 Jayden Hall who has emerged victorious. Recently, the Nascar races have ran into trouble and rumors in the past, but Weazel News affiliate Frankie Corleone was on scene to get some insight and insiders look into the races.

The first thing about it was the sportsmanship. There are over 41 people involved in NASCAR, but many of them have a deep sense of camaraderie and community ingrained in their competition. No animosity or salt.

Manager and fellow Weazel News affiliate Joe Kerr was kind enough to give us his perspective as well as inform us how all the proceeds go straight to the winner’s prize pool, ensuring that the money given gets where it needs to get.

So what makes a good racer on the track.

Racer Xander Caige offered a few tips.

No.1: Watch behind you for oncoming cars.

No.2: It’s not about how fast you finish the lap, it’s your consistency on the track.

No.3: When pull out of the pits, watch the exits. Follow the rules.

10 out of more than 30 racers participated in tonight’s event

These are the same tips that Jayden Hall used to come out from the bottom of the bracket to first place winner and new owner of a multi-million dollar car. And they are the same tips BurgerShot’s representative racer, Terrence in No. 16 also recommends.

Joe Kerr mentioned that many of these sponsorship are still open for new and upcoming businesses. Creating money for the community and representation for NASCAR. If you or a loved one are interested in participating, sponsoring, or donating to the NASCAR racing scene, please feel free to visit them at: