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Nascar Organizers Extremely Disrespectful

On the 18th of April at 11:00PM, Weazel News reporter Uncle Terry arrived at the Maze Bank Arena hosting season 1 of nascar racing. Uncle Terry made his way up to the VIP box introducing himself to the others attempting to cover the race from the pit lane. A friendly security guard approached Uncle Terry inquiring about his job, the reporter kindly asked if he could get into the pit lanes where the security guard immediately escorted the reporter down to the pit lanes. Once Uncle Terry was down in the pits he made his way over to the field organizers who immediately approached him disrespectfully. The organizer told Uncle Terry to get the fuck out of the pit lanes and that he wasn’t welcome here even after saying he was with Weazel News attempting to cover the race. Due to the extreme disrespect Uncle Terry left the arena and felt extremely disheartened. This overall shows that the nascar organizers are selfish and cocky as they wouldn’t even spite a moment to talk to a news reporter trying to cover their event and make it expand.