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MTA? More like MTNAY

Yesterday I got stranded up near the intersection of Strawberry Ave. and the Olympic Freeway. I saw that there was a metro station just down the street so I decided to hop on the train. Once I got to the station there were no workers, security, or really anyone… I waited over 15 minutes for the train to finally approach the platform. The trains that the MTA uses are old, dirty, ugly, and loud!

MTA Train Approaches platform

I took my seat on the nasty chairs in the first car of the two-car train. There I found the old plastic seats cracked, sticky, and wet… So I chose to stand back up and hold on to the somewhat clean poles. I took the train all the way up to the vinewood hills and it took over 25 minutes!!! The performance of these trains is rediculous I estimate that the trains were only going about 15-20 mph for my trip. I attempted to reach out to the MTA over twitter but I got no reply.

Dirty MTA Train
The Vandalized exterior

I would highly discourage anyone from riding the MTA until they can improve their trains, routes, and the overall customer experience. The MTA is funded in part by the state however they do get a good amount of their income from ticket sales, but it appears that overall ridership is down.