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Mad man of NYC?

Mr.Kani was doing his interview with Editor in Chief Justina. After the interview, the place was being shown to Kani. As we are ready to leave standing at the front door tow men walk inside the news station. As they walk in we asked them if we could help them and one of them said ” I just want to use the bathroom ” the other man dressed in all white happens to have a shotgun in his hand. we request them both to leave but the continue doing their thing. the man then poses with his shotgun in front of us near the front door when this picture was taken. He poses proudly with his shotgun inside the news station. I go to say some people aren’t smart.

Our Editor Chief Justina with the NYC MAD MAN?

They then continue to walk inside the News station and out of fear we decide to leave the news station. Upon getting in our cars we findout the tires on Justinas car have been slashed and she had to drive home with punctured tires.

Now i would like to know and ask YOU the citizens of NYC, Is this the MAD MAN of NYC or just another Civilian.