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Lockdown Involving Cannibalism Within Rikers Island Prison

Photo Provided by Antonio Vanetti: Lockdown of Rikers Island Prison

On Saturday, around one in the morning, a lockdown ensued at the Rikers Prison. According to DOC officers W-01 Lucas Blyat and C-02 Ted Pierce, they were in the progress of transporting a prisoner from Mission Row Police Department to Rikers, during which time 5 individuals took advantage of the lower numbers of DOC and started attacking within the prison.

A total of 5 inmates were involved, but during the lockdown one of them was trapped within his cell. Three other individuals attempted to eat the DOC officer, Ivy Carlson, but were tased and contained, which ended the lockdown.

  • Photo credit to Antonio Vanetti
  • Video credit to Video Editor Timo Toivonen
  • Interview with W-01 Lucas Blyat and C-02 Ted Pierce