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Local Police Injured After Faulty Police Chase

Officer Ghost NYPD

June 10, 2020

Officers are required to protect us, the NYC citizens, using trained skills and techniques afforded to them. That could mean, deescalating an angry person to police chases. However on yesterday, a slight mistake caused two NYPD officers to get severely injured. I spoke with Officer Ghost about the situation.

According to Officer Ghost, they were in pursuit with a suspect who clocked speeds as high as 139 mph. During this dangerous chase however one of the officers in pursuit overturned and hit a generator causing a huge explosion. The officers were Officer Rollins and Officer Diez. (First names were not given). They were immediately sent in for treatment. I asked Officer Ghost was it standard procedure to get involved in such high speed chases.

“We strive to keep the citizens of Manhattan safe, and we are well trained to pursue such individuals however mistakes happened. We can do chases, however we still have our guidelines.”

Officers Rollins and Diez were not available for comment.