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LivePD – Colonel Sanders

My LivePD experience was with Officer Colonel Sanders.

Soon after we started the ridealong we responded to a chase that was coming to an end, by the time we arrived at the scene JP was in cuffs and being sent to MRPD, According to JP the chase was a mistake and he did not commit any crimes and was let off with no charges. Officer Sanders had to push the Elegy Retro Custom out of the ditch it was put in by the driver. 

“When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in he has no chose but to become a South Side Piru” – JP

Our second call was to a house robbery in the Mirror Park area that is where we found Jack Henry Morgan inside of the house that the call came from, Jack Morgan then ran outside of the house and continued to run for about half a mile before being tackled and cuffed. Jack Morgan was taken to MRPD and charged with Fleeing and eluding and possession of Marijuana.

“My Name is Jack Henry Morgan and I LOVE CRACK” – Jack Morgan

To finish off the ride along Bobby Banks was pulled over in a stolen vehicle, his reason for being in a stolen vehicle was that he took a large fall and he needed to get to the hospital, Officer Sanders called the FDNY, Then Paramedic Jeff quickly arrived at the scene and provided medical care to Bobby. Mr. Banks Was then rushed to Pillbox where he received additional medical care.

“STOP RUNNING ITS NOT WORTH IT” – Officer Colonel Sanders