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LivePD – Christopher Borlez

My Second LivePD experience was with Trooper Christopher Borlez.

We responded to call at Legion Square where Trooper Borlez was taken hostage by a Masked individual that individual then took Borlez behind Legion Bank where he got into a Tezeract and began a chase, after about five minutes the individual took a Local at gunpoint then proceeded to steal the vehicle and continued the chase. The Individual did end up getting caught after the pursuit.

Myself and Trooper Borlez went to a call in the Maze Bank Garage where a Scooter Board pointed a gun at Borlez as a “Joke” he then put the weapon away and entered a vehicle and began a chase which was quickly ended by Scooter causing a major crash where he flew out of the vehicle, he was taken to Pillbox for medical and was then charged at MRPD.

Our final situation of the night was a chase with a BMW where two individuals where caught fleeing from the vehicle both of the individuals were in possession of Meth, they were charged and shipped to Rikers Island Penitentiary.

“If you carry a weapon have a licence” – Trooper Borlez