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Legion Square Always Full of Criminals?

Everytime I pass legion I cant help but notice people wearing masks, fancy cars, etc. People smelling like weed… Like how do the police not get these people off the streets? We all know that some of you reading this are the ones that hang there, but are you hanging with criminals? Ones that are on probation, that could get every vehicle and person searched in the area because of that you could lose your weekly paycheck because you lose your stuff, like meth, weed, coke, etc. If you guys keep hanging at legion will you keep gaining profits or will you completely sink because you keep getting caught, So what is the solution you are saying? I am saying the government doesn’t just seize your items, they keep them and use the items they seize, that is why the most famous cops are rich. Is because they take your items and use them for personal gain. They use them for the gain of the department… Why do you think they can crash there vehicles, and just get a new one? Because they have millions of dollars from the stuff they seize from you. So stop hanging at legion and giving the cops a reason to take your stuff! Make a stand!