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Kidnapping Turns Deadly Shootout

After 3-4 occupants of a blacked out Tahoe with a ram bar were sitting where cops normally are I asked if they were cops, they said nothing for about a minute I asked them if they were a mafia, they said “You know what lets do it now” and I was like oh no, I started driving off when one person got out of the vehicle and when I looked back they had an ar, I lost them then turned and they were right there, I pulled a uturn and start driving away, me being in a little golf cart they could keep up with me, when I saw them stop… I was confused then I realized a cop was behind them. So I turned back and told the cop what was happening thinking that the cop was pulling them over and wanted to make sure that the cop knew and they wouldn’t just blow the officer to pieces. This is when he tried to pull them over and they fled, they went up to a humane labs facility in Sandy Shores. After getting there I saw 2 helicopters, 1 was police, the other was an EMT, I later found out it was the FDNY Chief flying it. When I arrived I was greeted with a officer dragging a suspect while point a AR at my face demanding I leave even when I said I was news and that I was the person they tried to arrest. (Officer Bravo-79 according to A-20 Colonel Sanders). So I backed up about a hundred yards after getting a few photos Officer Sanders approached me and asked for ID. I gave it then he said I could take more pictures if need be. So I continued after I got a little closer the lady cop Bravo-79 was nicer but was still rude. I asked for her badge number for the article and she said “OWKADPOAJWDILWAJLD” so fast I couldn’t understand it. Like what type of officer does that. Nonetheless I was told she was a Probationary Officer… But if she is a officer why was she in a Trooper Uniform??? Is the NYSP coming back alive??

After speaking with A-20 Sanders, he told me that there was 3 officers down, those three officers were in critical conditions and may not make it through the night. But that they are fighting for them. The suspects were all shot multiple times and might not survive either, but knowing there fight they will survive this one, but this all started with one little kidnapping that they tried to do. That they weren’t patience didn’t know the right place to do it or the right time. They tried to kidnap me 1 block away from Mission Row Police Department, not even a block it was like half a block. These “Gangs” or “Families” are getting to the place where no one is safe, you could be driving down your street and you will get kidnapped.

While talking with A-20 I learned that they have plenty of resources and laws, but after killing 3 people and verbal threats from all 3 multiple times with profanity, That they are not going to be getting the 9s. That the case is not that severe and that they have seen much worse and that those people have walked the streets. How far does crime have to go before they have to appear in front of a court and tell the judge what they did. How long before people can sleep at night and go to work without having to worry about someone coming to kill them, kidnap them or rob them. When can our city be back to the way we need it. When can we get the government running the city again, and not our drug dealers and gangs. When will you be the one to vote to get rid of these people.