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Is The Diamond Casino involved in a money-laundering scheme?

Today i went to the brand new Diamond Casino in the famed Vinewood Hills. I took out 100k from the casino cashier and went to the low entry tables. At that table, I met this very rude worker named Karen. Now I have gambled before but I really do believe that she was sliding cards under the table to ensure that I will lose. It took me all of about 10 minutes to lose my 100k. This made me really believe that this casino is operating illegally and should be stopped! The fact that Karen stole my money is just rediculous!

The Cashier that i used to withdraw the 100k

I have attempted to reach out to the management of the casino yet again but to no one’s surprise, they have no reply. This just puts the nail in the coffin! I have really do believe that The Diamond Casino is taking player’s money and moving it offshore to maybe Grand Cayman!

The table with Karen