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Is NYPD suppressing officers right to free speech?

Today 1T-24 Eli Collins was striked by Mike Booze for posting a tweet calling a group of people “potato’s”. Officer Collins expressed that there were 4 Sergeants, and 1 Captain that were present to strike him. Prior to this Officer Collins has never had a strike in the past 6 months of being a cop. In the past 7 days he has been on duty for 120+ hours! He participates in the most trainings of any officer in the department. He also saved an officer who was missing for a number of days but never got any reward or praise for it. In fact, the NYPD has never rewarded him for any of his recent actions!

The tweet that got Mr. Collins the strike

We have reached out to the NYPD CoC but they have not gotten back!

Let us know if you think the NYPD is in the wrong!