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How Gambling Affects Your Health

With the recent opening of The Diamond Casino in Vinewood Hills, some people are spending exorbitant amounts of money at the tables. This raises the question “How does gambling affect people’s brains?”

Two white males play blackjack… Putting themselves at a elevated risk of developing a gambling-related disorder

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the gambling-related burden of harm was 2.5 times more than diabetes and 3.0 times more than drug use disorders. This was due to the financial impacts, damage to relations and health, emotional/psychological distress and adverse impacts on work.

Alfie Warrens distances himself from his loved ones in a hope to hide his gambling addiction.

Males, young adults, low-income and non-married people are almost universally found to be at elevated risk of developing a gambling-related disorder. With all that being said if you are struggling with a gambling-related disorder we encourage you to reach out to local health experts to properly treat this harmful disorder before it takes over your life.

Casino Manager Karen helps foster the gambling addictions

FDNY Chief Destiny Charms said in a statement

The FDNY is fully prepared to help those struggling with gambling addictions. Please reach out to one of our fantastic doctors so we can help you get past this.

The Diamond Casino has declined to comment in time for the posting of this article but if they respond to our plethora of requests for comment we will update this article.