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Gang war – South Side Piru and East Side Crips

An individual was caught stealing a blue golf caddy (He requested to stay anonymous) and after a few questions, he told Weazel News that he was stealing that golf caddy because his vehicle was impounded but that it was also related to the Gang war between the South Side Piru and the East Side Crips.

The Gang war between South Side Piru and East Side Crips has been going on as long as this individual can remember.

According to the individual interviewed recent violence has been brought up because the East Side Crips allegedly stole a pair of “Tims” from a member of the South Side Piru’s, from this pair of “Tims” the two gangs have been having a back and forth stealing each other’s chains and cars. The term “Bonk Gang” was used as another word for stealing, apparently, the South Side Piru’s retaliated to acts of crime from the East Side Crips by stealing Cars and then driving the cars into the Mirror Park lake. That’s when the East Side Crips would respond with kidnappings and or brawls on the South Side Piru’s territory. These brawls apparently range from Fistfights all the way to armed altercations.

“Fuck East Side Crips” – The Bartender