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Gang War – South Side Piru and East Side Crips Continuation #2

A brawl went down near Mirror Park Lake between the South Side Piru and the East Side Crips. According to the East Side Crip that was attacked, he was chilling on his lawn smoking, That was when the South Side Piru pulled up, the Crip decided to press them a little bit. The South Side Piru did not like that so they jumped the Crip.

Four South Side Piru’s Jumping a Crip

Before the fight I was able to ask the South Side Piru a question when I asked them what they were doing in Crip territory they told me that they were “Fishing for Crabs” shortly after that they jumped a Crip.

After beating the Crip for a while a Police Officer arrived at the scene, The Officer quickly got out of his car and was struck by a local knocking him unconscious, the gang members saw the downed officer and fled the scene.

Officer Arriving on the scene