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Fight at the Coffee Shop

Me and Sergeant Frank Miller showed up at a scene at the coffee shop with four people down on the floor,
They were apparently stabbed by a man driving a rusty off road truck over some petty shit, The coffee shop employee spoke briefly to me and said that The Coffee Shop named Corleones has the best coffee in the city, and you can always go there for a good cup and if you’re ever bored a lot of action happening right outside the front door.

Sometimes you might even see some lizards leaving the den to come visit. a magnificent sight or so they say.

After the situation was resolved and everyone was transported to Pillbox medical on the same block, I noticed a fistfight breaking out between one morbidly obese man and a chicken. The Chicken was fighting with his weapon being a golf club, The morbidly obese man used his weight in the fight and together with a flashlight managed to get a couple of hits in before ultimately succumbing to the injuries.

After the handcuffing, The white haired chicken tried to walk away in handcuffs before Officer Miller brought him back to his car and released him with a warning.

Richard Gear.