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DuPont Rental & Transportation Services: An Enjoyable, Luxury Experience

Mr. DuPont picked up Joie from Pacific Bluffs Beach Resort in a BMW i8 and drove to the DuPont Depot and switched over to the Maybach S650 Limousine, “an exclusive ride in his fleet” expressed by Joie. Mr. DuPont introduced himself and his company to Joie. He explained having a “luxury fleet” available to everyone interested in the rental package. Mr. DuPont offered information regarding package details, policies and how to obtain said package.

As they drove along, Mr. DuPont expressed to Joie that there was another individual awaiting transport and that he had another fare on the way to Joie’s destination. Joie explained that he wasn’t in a rush and wouldn’t mind picking up additional customers. Joie explained to me, Nyri Bonaparte, that the ride was not boring. “He knew how to hold a decent conversation and was forth-coming with any information that I asked.” Joie continued to explain that the ride was clean and safe, “He didn’t hit much of anything and didn’t drive like a maniac.” Mr. DuPont settled another client with a rental and drove Joie and another client to Joie’s destination. Joie expressed that Mr. DuPont was kind, friendly, and professional. “I liked the guy, he wasn’t stuck up but remained professional during the ride.”

Some final thoughts that Joie shared with me regarding his overall experience include: “I’d say over all it was a pleasant experience. It wasn’t an exclusive ride, as there were other people who rode along with me and other business settled in the midst of transport, however it was nothing that interfered with my time or expectations. The services offered are definitely needed in Brooklyn, especially the rental services.”

DuPont Rental and Transportation Services is one of the newest services of its kind in the city. Rental packages can be purchased through Mr. DuPont by calling 073-1169 for more details. Transportation services can also be arranged by calling the above number. Mr. DuPont offers many exclusive and upscale rentals including many of the newest import vehicles in the city. DuPont transportation services offered one of the city’s residents a fantastic ride in a luxury limousine that was safe and professional. According to Joie, transportation services were quick, safe, and enjoyable.

Contact Mr. DuPont to day for your rental and transportation needs.

Interviewee: Joie Sall-Bonaparte, Interviewer: Nyri Bonaparte