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Dropout Kingpin Dunzo?

Mathias”, alleged founder of street drug “Dropout Diesel” caught green handed in triple felony case.

Today it was Mathias Dawson, the alleged founder of the street drug “Dropout Diesel” attended court today due to his recent arrest regarding drug trafficking and stolen goods found in his possession after a raid on his home was carried out by the NYPD’s Criminal Investigation Division and Emergency Service Unit.

Right to left, District Attorney Gear, Mathias Dawson, Defence Attorney Minx, unknown, Judge Nouveux, Jake Peralta

“We believe this case is going to be thrown out,” says Mathias’ Attorney Karen Minx. “I’m not going to say their case is strong or weak but I will say we will be getting him out” were the bold words uttered by his attorney prior to entering the courtroom.

“Bark bark! Bark, Bark Bark!” were the comments of the K9 Dog stationed at the courtroom entrance

The District Attorney’s Office has filed the following charges against Mathias Dawson:

  • Two counts of Possession of an Illegal Firearm
  • One count of Possessing Stolen Goods
  • Drug Trafficking

They have set the bond at $350,000 to which Mathias promptly agreed to. Mr Dawson has been set the conditions of his bond which is to not be involved with any crime especially not to the extent that would lead to an arrest. If Mr Dawson fails to uphold his requirements of bond, he may face further jail time and lose the option of a plea deal.

The District Attorney’s Office and Mathias Dawson were unable to comment at this time.