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The Brooklyn Drift Scene – Great Cars For Drifting

If you like seeing cars going really fast sideways and smoking the tires off, then you probably like drifting. There’s just something about a car coming out of nowhere completely sideways all the way around the corner and off into the distance. Drifting is an art form, and when done with the correct technique and some wheel time, an amazing thing to see.

A couple of cars specialized for drifting we have in the city are the Tampa 2, costing $225,000 + whatever upgrades you might want, the Benefactor custom at one and a half million; both are very different styled builds. The Tampa is an all-wheel-drive monster that will do pretty much anything you want, While the benefactor is a very fluid type of a drive. You can also buy drift tires at a mechanic shop for any car you would like to try to drift for about three million dollars.

Drifting has been around for about 50 years now starting in Japan and has evolved into an art form with style and craziness like they never would have thought of or imagined. Someone has to carry on the tradition; it may as well be us, see all of you out there and have a great time. While obviously following all local and state traffic laws.