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Domestic Or Import: Dinka Jester RR Versus Toyota A90 Supra


The domestic Dinka Jester RR is inspired by the imported Toyota A90 Supra. These vehicles are similar looking but do not offer the same driving experience. This comparison boils down to the questions of performance, price, and pedigree. One of these vehicles clearly succeeds in handling performance and top speed stats, while the other is likely a better fit for the drag strip. One of these vehicles is in an extremely high price category. One of these vehicles is the noticeable “real deal”.

Toyota A90 Supra (Left) and Dinka Jester RR (Right)


From what I have gathered, there are many residents of the city who would rather have the Toyota over the Dinka simply because of brand recognition. They do not bother themselves with performance statistics and comparisons. I am not minimizing the prevalence of this purchasing approach, but it is just not my personal style. I understand it in a sense, though. I would always rather drive the “real deal” but often find myself purchasing the overall better-performing car instead.


The initial purchase cost of a vehicle is often another important factor for people in their buying experience. Not everyone is able to afford whatever car they please. They will quickly look over the $75,000,000 price tag of the Dinka Jester RR and immediately opt for the much lower $23,000,000 price tag of the A90 Supra. A smart question to ask is: is the performance of the Dinka Jester RR worth the $52,000,000 extra dollars?

Dinka Jester RR (Left) and Toyota A90 Supra (Right)


If you are looking for a car that is quick around the city, you are probably better off with the Supra. The Supra has much more desirable 0-60 and 0-100 times while tuned and not tuned. The Dinka is not far behind, but it is a noticeable difference. The only downside to zipping around the city in the Supra is how often the rear tires will attempt to slide out from under you. The Supra is sometimes difficult to control through bumpy roads at higher speeds but is not undrivable by any measure. The Jester unquestionably takes the crown in the handling category.

For the highway warriors, the Dinka Jester RR is absolutely the better option. The top speeds of the A90 Supra are just high enough to not be disappointing. The Jester is surprisingly fast on straight roads, especially with a tune.


For those who prefer a more recognizable brand name and/or attempt to save their money from the largely-priced vehicles, the Toyota A90 Supra is going to be their best choice. For those who are focused on city-driving performance, this is a relatively close battle. The Supra hardly wins in terms of acceleration. The handling of the two vehicles is also a close battle, but I would argue that the Dinka takes the crown there. For the people who want the option that is fastest on the long straits, the Dinka is the best choice. Nevertheless, both of these vehicles are great cars to own. I enjoyed driving each of them for different reasons.